PB Master Class Takeaway: From Frustration to First Draft

The video clip is adorable. A racoon dips a chunk of cotton candy into water, anticipating the scrumptious morsal. but it disappears! He frantically looks for his dissolved treat, unable to comprehend the science between water and the fluffy confection. This is the inspiration for my picture book. Unfortunately, I discovered that it was extremely…

Takeaways from The Master Class on Picture Books: Here’s What You Learned by Carol Baldwin

The Write2Ignite team was thrilled to have so many new W2I attendees at our Master Class on April 24 with Laura Sassi. I asked our participants to share some takeaways from the class. Here are some of their enthusiastic responses. Because of the power of Zoom, we had folks from Montana, Georgia, New Jersey, Tennessee,…

DIVA DELORES AND THE OPERA HOUSE MOUSE: A Review, Author Interview, and GIVEAWAYS GALORE! by Carol Baldwin

Laura Sassi, our Master Class instructor, gives us a peek into her publication journey.

Let’s Explore Picture Books by Laura Sassi

Here's a glimpse into Laura Sassi's Picture Book Master Class is next month.

Pumped Up About Picture Books by Carol Baldwin

We're pumped up about our Picture Book Master class!

Introducing Laura Sassi by Carol Baldwin

The Write2Ignite team is very excited about hosting Laura Sassi for our Picture Book Master Class on April 24. We thought you would enjoy getting to know her so she kindly agreed to this email interview. INTERVIEW CAROL: What inspired you to become a writer? Was this something you’ve always wanted to do? LAURA: My…

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