Comic-Book Kids: Finding Chapter Books for Your Graphic Novel Fans

Chapter Books for Graphic Novel Fans

Graphic novels can help spark a love for reading in kids. But when the time comes, how do you find chapter books your graphic novel fans will enjoy?

Storytime: 3 Reasons Reading Aloud is Good for Adults, too

reading aloud

We all know that reading aloud is good for kids, but what about adults? Can reading aloud be good for them, too?

5 Tips for Using and Understanding Literal and Figurative Language Part II by Deborah DeCiantis

  TIP #2 Don’t interpret literally what is supposed to be understood metaphorically. Taking figurative language literally is a problem that leads to misunderstanding and misinterpretation. Does the photo above depict sunshine or shadow? A literal book title based on this image might be Sunshine on the Pages or Shadows on the Pages [When Grandpa Reads]. A nonfiction…

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