An Unconventional Gratitude

This year, I’m going to be grateful for all the things I didn’t get or didn’t happen as I wished. And for the prayers God answered in the negative. I’m going to thank the Lord for the hard times — the low times — that knocked the wind out of me or caused me to slip and slide. I’ll be grateful for those times I would categorize as disappointments or dead ends, and for people God surrounds me with who keep me humble — those who withhold praise, give criticism or are uncomfortable to be around. As writers, we certainly experience many of the above. … More An Unconventional Gratitude

Testimonials about Write2Ignite

The 2018 Write2Ignite conference is coming up fast! Are you still on the fence about attending? Here are some testimonials about Write2Ignite from previous attendees. “I Love Write2Ignite”: Author Terri B. Kelly Author Terri B. Kelly thinks that “everyone” should attend the conference! Click here to view her testimonial about Write2Ignite. “Fantastic”: Attendee of the 2017 … More Testimonials about Write2Ignite