An Unconventional Gratitude

This year, I’m going to be grateful for all the things I didn’t get or didn’t happen as I wished. And for the prayers God answered in the negative. I’m going to thank the Lord for the hard times — the low times — that knocked the wind out of me or caused me to slip and slide. I’ll be grateful for those times I would categorize as disappointments or dead ends, and for people God surrounds me with who keep me humble — those who withhold praise, give criticism or are uncomfortable to be around. As writers, we certainly experience many of the above. … More An Unconventional Gratitude

Gratitude for the Memories

Thanksgiving is tomorrow! It is a traditionally a time to gather with family and friends, a time to thank God for His provision. But at Thanksgiving, we sometimes get a little too focused on preparing and enjoying the feast. How does God’s provision look? For many readers, God’s provision looks like the Christian parents who … More Gratitude for the Memories