Wallowing or Ministering?

The party was in full swing. I had arrived early and was determined to be the last to leave. That wouldn’t be difficult, since I was the only person there. I can party with the best of them. And I’m especially adept at hosting and attending my own pity parties. It’s easy to feel sorry … More Wallowing or Ministering?

Overcoming a Writer’s Fears by Attending Conferences

As a writer, I often find myself bogged down in fear.  Fear that my writing may not be good enough. Fear that I am too old. Fear that I don’t know how to write. Attending conferences gives me the insight to overcome those fears through encouragement, instruction, resources and reminding me that my writing needs to be covered in prayer. 

What Can I Expect to Gain at Write2Ignite?

A beginning writer’s wish list before attending a writer’s conference: An editor will fall in love with my manuscript and give me a contract on the spot. Lots of other writers will read my manuscripts and polish them so they shine. Many editors will recognize my genius as a writer and beg me for more stories. If … More What Can I Expect to Gain at Write2Ignite?