The Charlotte Mason Method, Part Four

In Part One and Part Two of our series about writing for the homeschool community, we talked about some of the main components of the Charlotte Mason Method of education. In Part Three, we explored how to create copywork. This month, we’re going to take a look at what other types of resources we can […]

The Charlotte Mason Method, Part Two

Last month, we introduced Charlotte Mason and discussed her influence on homeschooling. Her method is popular among many homeschool families, and it’s important to understand it so you can create resources that support families who follow this method. So far, we’ve talked about living books, copywork, dictation, science, and nature study. Let’s explore some additional […]

The Charlotte Mason Method, Part One

Do you know who Charlotte Mason was? If you want to write for the homeschool community, you’ll need to know some terminology regarding some popular homeschooling methods. You’ll see the Charlotte Mason method (or CM method) referred to often, especially among families with younger children. It’s a popular method that encompasses many areas of study. […]

Writing for the Homeschool Market – Notebooking

One great way to get started writing for the homeschool market is by creating notebooking pages. They are fun and provide countless options and opportunities for creativity—both on the part of the writer and the student. Notebooking is a tool many homeschoolers integrate with other homeschooling methods. Its variations and applications are limitless. In order to […]

Creating Unit Studies

A unit study is a great way for kids to learn about a topic that sparks their interest. It is also a great way for writers to share their work and use all that “extra” information your research uncovered that just wouldn’t fit into your final piece. Unit studies take one topic—anything from quicksand to […]

How to Write a Query for Schoolhouse Teachers: Part Two

If you’ve been working on the assignment I gave you last month, you’ve thought of one or more good ideas that you want to write about. Now let’s get in to the meat of how to make this a course that kids can enjoy. You’re going to need three main pieces to your course: The […]

Writing for Schoolhouse Teachers

The homeschooling market is growing rapidly, and there are many ways childrens’ authors can be involved. I’m the executive editor at, and I’d like to share with you about our company and how you can become part of our writing team. is the curriculum site of The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine. We serve homeschool families […]