5 Ways to Practice Good Literary Citizenship

What does is mean for a writer to practice good literary citizenship and why is it important?

6 Easy Steps to Vacationing As a Writer

Master vacationing as a writer with these 6 easy steps.

Websites for YA Writers

Compiled by Jean Matthew Hall If you would like to read up on writing for young adults before our September 18, 2021 Master Class with Tessa Emily Hall here are a few helpful website. Some contain quick tips. Some go into much more depth. They are handy resources for you to refer to again and…

Storytime: 3 Reasons Reading Aloud is Good for Adults, too

reading aloud

We all know that reading aloud is good for kids, but what about adults? Can reading aloud be good for them, too?

Writing Resources: The Business Of Being A Writer

Business of Being a writer

"Too few [writers] are open to the possibility that the business side calls for as much imagination as the artistic process itself . . . An open attitude toward business can provide focus, discipline, and, sometimes most importantly, self-awareness about what you want and expect from your writing career."--Jane Friedman, The Business of Being a…

Give Thanks for this Writing Season!

  While you’re accumulating your list of blessings to share around the Thanksgiving table, don’t forget to include these features that make up your writing journey. You can find many reasons to be thankful for it this season. Be thankful for… A never-ending amount of writing resources. No matter what part of the process you’re…

Writing from the Overflow of the Heart

overflow of the heart

"The good man brings good things out of the good treasure of his heart, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil treasure of his heart. For out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks."--Luke 6:45 (BSB) Our words and actions reflect what fills our hearts. As Christian creatives, we…

Have You Found Your Writer’s Voice? by Jarm Del Boccio

Jarm Del Boccio's Children's Lit Bookshelf

On one of my blog posts, where I shared a "Flash Fiction" piece, a commenter had mentioned that I had "a voice".  I can't tell you how thrilled I was with that revelation! I kept saying to myself, over and over: "I have a voice!  I have a voice!" as if I had received the…

3 Tips from “Self-Editing for Fiction Writers” by Karley Conklin

self-editing for fiction writers

"The secret to editing your work is simple: you need to become its reader instead of its writer."--Zadie Smith Write2Ignite's  2020 Master class with  Joyce Moyer Hostetter is only a month away. The Write2Ignite team has suggested checking out several chapters of Self-Editing for Fiction Writers by Renni Browne and Dave King as a way…

9 Tips for Writing Unforgettable Characters by Deborah DeCiantis

According to Elaine Marie Alphin (Creating Characters Kids Will Love p. 2) “Kids read because a magical closeness springs up between them and the characters in books and stories—the same magical closeness I felt as a child. They read because a writer has brought a character to life on the page for them.” Every great…

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