Break Time!

Do you ever give yourself a break from writing? I’m not talking about a hiatus where you take a long period of time away from your laptop or pad of paper and pen. I’m referring to a little transition break from one project to the next. Here’s what I mean.

Are Your Senses Turned On?

I just returned from a trip to Colorado to visit my niece. One of the highlights of the trip was taking the Royal Gorge Route train ride based in Cañon City. Because this trip had been planned in advance, I decided to make it a writing exercise. I wanted to be intentional about using my … More Are Your Senses Turned On?

Hold On! Don’t Give Up!

The craft of writing isn’t easy. Sure, we may get that moment of inspiration where the words just flow out of our head and heart and down onto the page, but overall it requires much work and a lot of time to develop a story from beginning to end. And then it sometimes involves a … More Hold On! Don’t Give Up!

A Different Kind of Writing Prompt

Writing prompts are used by students and writers alike to challenge their creativity and/or to improve writing skills. They can be presented in a variety of ways – phrases, questions, topics – the sky’s the limit. Their purpose is to present you with an idea or thought that you can expand upon, allowing you to … More A Different Kind of Writing Prompt

Don’t Let Rejection Letters Get You Down!

No writer likes rejection, especially when you open your email and get excited to see a notice from a promising publisher, only to find something like this: “Sorry, but this doesn’t fit our current needs.” Here are a few ideas on how best to handle rejection letters.

Waiting for His Inspiration

Do you have trouble waiting? It’s a normal part of life, particularly when you have to wait on or for others. And although waiting isn’t easy, it can be rewarding for your writing, especially when you know that writing is your calling from the Lord. Here are some points to consider when waiting on the … More Waiting for His Inspiration

Field Trips 101

I loved field trips when I was in elementary and high school. Sure, sitting for a stretch of time in a stinky school bus wasn’t the best, especially when you hit those winding roads, but I loved the chance to get out of the classroom and actually see what we were learning about. As writers, … More Field Trips 101

Learning Writing Through Reading Out Loud

There is something about reading out loud that helps one to better understand a story. As authors, we work hard to use our words to bring our ideas to life. But sometimes it’s difficult when you’re starting out to develop that unique voice that will make a story enjoyable, especially for young children.

Inspiring Younger Students with a School Presentation

Recently, I was invited to Smiley Elementary School in Redlands, California to give two author presentations for Read Across America week. The groups were to be divided into Kindergarten to 2nd grade and 3rd to 5th grade. The original understanding was to present my book, The Declaration of Independence from A to Z, but I … More Inspiring Younger Students with a School Presentation

A Creative Cache to Inspire Your Writing Ideas

One question I am often asked when I give talks on writing is, “Where do you get your ideas?” Ideas for writing come from a plethora of areas: through prayer (my number one resource), from situations I’ve experienced, from things I’ve read or heard about, through things I see on a walk or from places … More A Creative Cache to Inspire Your Writing Ideas