Your Author Brand, Part 2: Nailing Your Style Guide

You should be purposeful about creating your author brand. Consistency in your brand — the way you appear to others — brings a level of professionalism, quality and even trustworthiness to book buyers.

Your Author Brand, Part 1: Nailing Your Focus

I overthink everything. But I knew that Cindy Lynn Sawyer, Wannabe Author of Several Genres, just would not be an appropriate branding title or tagline. As a journalist-turned-marketer-turned-aspiring author, I am diverse in my writing skills. But how do I harness this tangled web of ideas and genres and messaging to create a beautiful, focused…

PB Master Class Takeaway: From Frustration to First Draft

The video clip is adorable. A racoon dips a chunk of cotton candy into water, anticipating the scrumptious morsal. but it disappears! He frantically looks for his dissolved treat, unable to comprehend the science between water and the fluffy confection. This is the inspiration for my picture book. Unfortunately, I discovered that it was extremely…

The 2021 Author Platform: Back to Basics by Cindy Lynn Sawyer

2021 Author Platform

Struggling with building your author platform? Here are a few simple steps to help you get started.

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