5 Ways to Practice Good Literary Citizenship

What does is mean for a writer to practice good literary citizenship and why is it important?

6 Easy Steps to Vacationing As a Writer

Master vacationing as a writer with these 6 easy steps.

Storytime: 3 Reasons Reading Aloud is Good for Adults, too

reading aloud

We all know that reading aloud is good for kids, but what about adults? Can reading aloud be good for them, too?

5 Poetry Prompts For National Poetry Month

5 Poetry Prompts

Ready to celebrate National Poetry Month? Here are a few prompts to get you excited about writing poetry in April.

Book Review: Social Media for Today’s Writer

Social Media for Today's Writers

Social Media for Today's Writer offers practical advice for building an author platform. Read a full review here.

Comp Titles: Where to Find Books Like Yours

Comp Titles

Comp titles are an opportunity to highlight the best elements of our stories. But where do we find titles that will pack a punch?

Barking with The Big Dogs: Hope and Honesty for Children by Karley Conklin

hope and honesty

"It is necessary to be hopeful to write successfully for children, yes, because children themselves are generically hopeful, but the quality of hopefulness is not an immature quality." -Natalie Babbitt ( pp 42) Natalie Babbitt's book Barking with the Big Dogs is a collection of her essays and speeches written over several years. In all the…

Picture-Driven Stories: Learning to Think in Pictures

Learning to Think In Pictures

"A picture book illustrator needs to tell a story with pictures. A picture book author needs to show the same story with words." -Jean Matthew Hall  When I attended last year's Write2Ignite conference, I went to Jean Matthew Hall's discussion, What is a Picture Book. One of her main points was that a true picture book tells the…

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