Beautiful–Truth’s Found When Beauty’s Lost: A Review by Hadassah and Kelila Murdock

Two young adult readers review BEAUTIFUL by Cindy Martinusen-Coloma and share why they recommend it.

Dealing with hard topics in Christian YA fiction

Three common questions a writer should ask

Perceive the Trends in the YA Market: Part III by Guest Blogger, Kim Peterson

Kim Peterson provides three more trends in writing for young adults.


by Jean Matthew Hall August 2021 The following list contains our recommendations for young adult readers. Tessa Emily Hall and Write2Ignite Team members contributed to this list. PLEASE, if you have other suggestions for Christian or Clean YA books, Please leave the titles and/or authors in the comments below. We will post this list permanently…

Perceive the Trends in the Young Adult Market: Part II by Guest Blogger, Kim Peterson

In Part I of this series, we’ve explored two trends in writing YA: fantasy and retellings. This time, let’s examine trends that speak to important social and cultural topics. TREND 3: EMPHASIZE MULTICULTURALISM AND DIVERSITY Stories with characters from different cultures continue to be a big draw for tweens and teens. With our current national…

Rumors, Reunions, and Revenge: A New YA Fantasy & Authors Interview

Announcing the third book in the Pirate Hunter Chronicles, YA fantasy novel by co-authors Helena George and Sarah Rodecker.

Should Writers Be Hopeful About the State of YA Christian Fiction? by Tessa Emily Hall, Master Class Instructor

Tessa Emily Hall, Write2Ignite's YA Master Class instructor, provides hope for Christians writing in this genre.

5 Ways to Practice Good Literary Citizenship

What does is mean for a writer to practice good literary citizenship and why is it important?

What do you mean by, “if I can”?

A lesson about faith

Writing Clean YA Fantasy- by Guest Blogger Helena George

Writing Clean YA.

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