How to Get an Agent

Have you considered obtaining a literary agent? It can be time consuming and frustrating. The Christian Writers Institute is bundling several of their courses into one and offering a significant discount to help you on your way. NOTE: the discount ends October 31, so there’s no time to waste!

This program comes with the following courses:

  1. Mistakes New Writers Make by Kathy Ide – Explore the biggest mistakes writers make and how you can avoid them.
  2. The Ten Enemies of Good Writing by Rene Gutteridge – The better your writing, the easier it is to find an agent.
  3. The 10 Ks of a Good Book or How You Can Make 10k on Your Next One! by Steve Laube – Steve talks about what makes a good book. This talk is also a special glimpse into the mind of agents. Find out what they are really thinking.
  4. Do I Need an Agent? by Steve Laube – Find out what an agent does and why you need one for your career.
  5. The Publishing Process by Len Goss – Learn the process of turning a manuscript into a book.
  6. The Elements of an Effective Book Proposal by Steve Laube – Create a book proposal that gets noticed! A complete audio presentation. Plus BONUS materials including book proposal templates and examples.
  7. How to Sell Everything You Write by Bob Hostetler – Learn Bob’s special approach that ensures he sells everything he writes.
  8. Redeeming Rejection by Steve Laube – Perhaps the most powerful talk in this whole course. How you handle rejection defines your character as an author.
  9. The Power Book Proposal by David Horton – Engage an editor with a powerful book proposal for both nonfiction and fiction.
  10. How to Use The Christian Writers Market Guide by Bob Hostetler – This is a key tool for finding an agent.

This bundle is an entire writers’ conference worth of lectures. But unlike many writers’ conferences, it doesn’t cost $500. It’s normally $85, but for couple of weeks, you can get it 70% off! That brings down the price to $25.50. Use coupon code “oct2019” at checkout or click this link to activate the coupon code.

Please contact the Institute directly with any questions.

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