Oaks From Acorns Grow

Oaks From Acorns Grow

Are you feeling "buried" or "planted" when it comes to your writing journey? What difference does it make?

Dealing with hard topics in Christian YA fiction

Three common questions a writer should ask

5 Ways to Practice Good Literary Citizenship

What does is mean for a writer to practice good literary citizenship and why is it important?

Suffer Strong: A Book Review by Kathryn Dover

Suffer Strong: A Book Review by Kathryn Dover   I reviewed Katherine and Jay Wolf’s first book, Hope Heals, a few months ago and have been looking forward to reading the sequel, Suffer Strong (Zondervan, 2020). Suffer Strong is different from its predecessor but nonetheless relevant and inspiring for today. Katherine Wolf suffered a massive…

Writing from the Overflow of the Heart

overflow of the heart

"The good man brings good things out of the good treasure of his heart, and the evil man brings evil things out of the evil treasure of his heart. For out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks."--Luke 6:45 (BSB) Our words and actions reflect what fills our hearts. As Christian creatives, we…

Closed Circuit: Managing Our Social Media Habits

social media habits

closed circuit (noun, Electricity). "a circuit without interruption, providing a continuous path through which a current can flow." (dictionary.com) When it comes to modern technology, a closed circuit is an incredibly useful thing. Closed circuits allow electricity to flow through the appliances we use every day, giving us light, heat/air conditioning, the wonders of washing…

Our Publishing Dreams

Proverbs 13:12

We've all had longings or yearnings during our lives, especially when we were young. Having the whole world before us, we could dream about what our lives would look like as writers/authors. "If only I could publish a book" "I wish I could find the perfect literary agent" "If I could only have more sales"…

Bird By Bird: A Timeless Writing Resource by Karley Conklin

bird by bird

"'So why does our writing matter again?' they ask. Because of the spirit, I say. Because of the heart. Writing and reading decrease our sense of isolation. They deepen and widen and expand our sense of life: they feed the soul." --Anne Lamott, pp. 237 Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott should be on every…

Would Your Life Win an Oscar? by Jarm Del Boccio

  ”Do You Hear the People Sing?” * ”I Dreamed a Dream” — that They Won All!  * Am I ”On My Own” in this?  *   Les Mis should have won more Oscar Awards! At first, I was discontented. Well, okay, miserable. Only three awards out of eight possible? C'mon! Couldn't the judges see the…

Finding Comfort in our Crisis with Les Misérables by Jarm Del Boccio

Do you hear the people sing? scene from Les Misérable

Do you hear the people sing? Well, no. But I do hear fears expressed and complaints a-plenty! There was trouble during the French Revolution, and there is trouble today in the form of a virus -- the coronavirus. Although many are in dread of the contagious enemy, we as Christians know we have nothing to…

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