The ABCs of Thankfulness in our Writing Life

It's easy to be thankful for an agent’s representation or signing with a publishing house. But as we consider the ABCs of thankfulness in our writing life, let’s be more creative than that!

Oaks From Acorns Grow

Oaks From Acorns Grow

Are you feeling "buried" or "planted" when it comes to your writing journey? What difference does it make?

Dandelion Wishes vs. Prayer

Dandelion wishes vs. prayer

Dandelion Wishes vs. Prayer Dandelions—the bane of many homeowners who strive for manicured lawns. Adults see them as an irritation. A nuisance. But children see dandelions as a source of unlimited potential. Wishes, hopes, and dreams wrapped up in the seeds of a wild flower. When you were a child, did you ever pluck a…

Practice a Pause

Practice a Pause

Practice a Pause Summer. A time to reconnect with family and friends. Staycations. Vacations. Day trips. Breaks are not a luxury. We need them to recharge physically and emotionally. Even athletes understand the value of training breaks to cultivate prolonged endurance in their respective sports. But what about writers? We might think we don’t have…

5 Reasons to Join a Writing Community

Writing Community

5 Reasons to Join a Writing Community Are you a member of a writing community? I’m not talking about attending a writers’ conference. Are you part of a writing critique group or other professional organization that meets at least once a month? If you are, then you already know the benefits. If you’re not, then…

Marketing Doesn’t Have to be a Hard Sell


  Marketing Doesn’t Have to be a Hard Sell I’m sure I’m not the only person to see subject lines like these in my email inbox: Check this out!Sale!New discounts!New Prices!Get it now!Order now! I didn’t ask for them. I don’t want them. Still, they show up, dozens and dozens each day. Annoying at best,…

6 Common Mistakes in Building Your Email List

Email marketing

Examining 6 common mistakes authors make in trying to grow their email list. How many of these are you guilty of?

Spread the News in a Newsletter


As social media reach becomes more restricted, how can authors reach their readers? Develop an email list!

Trust When You Can’t See the Way Forward


Trust When You Can't See the Way Forward by Ava Pennington Ever feel as if you’re writing plans have gone off track? Maybe you’ve decided there’s no point in having writing goals since none of them have come to fruition. What do you do if your writing life is not measuring up to your dreams?…

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