God’s Work, God’s Way, God’s Time

Think of the last time you made air travel arrangements. You probably researched airlines, flight schedules, and fares. You also carefully packed your luggage and toiletries with all the new security requirements in mind. Despite your preparations, however, the trip may not have gone as planned. Late flight segments, missed connecting flights, gate changes, and … More God’s Work, God’s Way, God’s Time

Biblical Hope

Biblical Hope If there’s one thing in short supply these days, it’s hope. Politicians promise, but fail to deliver on their promises. Family members make commitments, but disappoint us. Jobs are scarce, money is tight, and the more we wish for positive change, the less it appears probable. And for the writer? Contracts are scarce, … More Biblical Hope

6 Steps to Recognizing Answered Prayer for Writers

Is it possible to miss God’s answers to prayer? I often fail to recognize the relationship between God’s providence and answers to prayer. As a result, I miss opportunities to give God glory for His work. I also miss opportunities to encourage others by sharing answers to prayer. And I miss opportunities for spiritual growth … More 6 Steps to Recognizing Answered Prayer for Writers

Handling God’s Word With Your Words – Part 2

Ava Pennington equips Christian writers with four important principles for handling God’s Word accurately. … More Handling God’s Word With Your Words – Part 2

Handling God’s Word with Your Words  – Part 1

Do you communicate a biblical worldview when you write? This is not hte same as being preachy! … More Handling God’s Word with Your Words  – Part 1

Are You Independent?

Are You Independent? Fireworks begin in my neighborhood way before July 4th. But I wonder if some revelers are more interested in making noise than in celebrating the anniversary of our nation’s independence. Independence. It’s in our country’s DNA. As American citizens, it’s also in our individual DNA. We don’t bow to anyone or anything. … More Are You Independent?

Trouble in Obedience

Have you ever followed instructions – doing exactly what you were told to do – and failed miserably or had the whole thing blow up in your face? Or maybe you went out of your way to help someone else, having the purest motives, only for them to end up in a worse situation than … More Trouble in Obedience

Leaving a Legacy

Six years of upstairs and downstairs entanglements and drama. Six years of pomp and circumstance. Six years of loyalties and betrayals. Six years of secrets and celebrations. All ending in 2016 at the end of season six. But it didn’t end there. Downton Abbey, the movie, released in 2019. And another Downton movie releases this … More Leaving a Legacy

Small Writings

Small Writings Do you despise small beginnings? When we fix our sights on a book contract, it’s easy to dismiss anything smaller as unworthy of our efforts. But doing so could be a huge mistake. I’m a big believer in the benefit of “small writings.” The first payment I received for my writing was a … More Small Writings

Reflections on the Names of God: The Devotional That Refuses to Die

Ten years ago, I wrote a devotional on the names of God—my first published book, released in hardcover by Revell of Baker Publishing Group. It was also just the beginning. Shortly after that, Revell published a special print run with a proprietary cover for a large bookstore chain. Three years later they again released the … More Reflections on the Names of God: The Devotional That Refuses to Die