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Dusty Old Writing

I remember words of advice from seasoned professionals in the writing industry.

Don’t be in a hurry to hit ‘send’ as soon as you finish your manuscript. Put it away for some time. Then, revisit it and send the revised, polished work on to your agent or publisher.

I was like many authors I know. I just wanted to get my ideas out for kids and and teens to read. Time was flying by. I felt I needed to act quickly. I was anxious to get my hard work published.

Preparing for a Writers’ Conference

It’s writers’ conference season! The idea of attending a writing conference might be new and scary to you. It might be an annual event on your calendar, or you may be one of the seasoned professionals who presents at multiple conferences around the country each year.

After many conferences, my heart races a bit at the thought of attending a conference. There is so. much. to. do. to get ready.

Marketing Your Children’s Book

Marketing a book can be overwhelming! Planning social media posts, website updates, blog posts, mail campaigns, book signings, and speaking engagements can cause an author’s head to spin. And then there’s that next book to write. And all these tasks occur at the same time!

How can you cover all the bases of marketing?

  1. Start with a list of the marketing tasks you’d like to do. If you’re not sure what things to include, consult one of the many reputable books on the topic or talk with a seasoned author.
  2. Create a game plan. Grab a calendar, and pencil in things that you want to accomplish. For example, if posting on Facebook is a daily goal, write that goal in each day’s block.
  3. Don’t get sidetracked. For example, if you plan to create a Pinterest board highlighting the kind of clothing worn by characters in your book, don’t get sidetracked looking for great recipes for dinner. Stay on track.
  4. Remember that little things add up. Staying the course on your marketing plan and doing a little each day as planned will eventually lead to a well-developed outreach to your readers.

What would you add to the list above? How have you used a calendar to map out your marketing efforts? Share with us in the comments!


Carol McAdams Moore writes for children and youth in the general and Christian markets. Learn more about Carol and her tween devos Dare U 2 Open This Book—Draw It, Write It, Dare 2 Live It—90 Devotions and Just Sayin’—Write ‘em, Draw ‘em, Hide ‘em in Your Heart at CarolMcadamsMoore.blogspot.com.

The Child’s Voice in Writing

Engaging young readers is important for children’s authors, but in an effort to reach them, how do we understand our young readers? Maybe we are parents or grandparents. We might be teachers or caregivers. Maybe we just have a heart for littles. I think every children’s author would agree that effective writing for children requires something beyond wanting to reach kids.

Remember the fun of speaking into a microphone on the playground?

Seven Things for Children’s Writers to Do

fullsizerenderThe week between Christmas and New Years is a special time of year. If you are an aspiring children’s author, you may wonder how to best use this week. Christian authors focus on a variety of activities during Christmas week. The list is as varied as the individual authors. I encourage you to choose one or two of the activities that fit your season of life and writing.

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