How to Write a Query for Schoolhouse Teachers: Part Three

By this point in the process, you have lots of content and a good idea of where you’d like to take it. Today, let’s look at putting the pieces together. Now that you have a sense of how much content you can write about your topic, what size lessons fit it the best? Do you […]

What Does It Mean to Write for the Homeschool Market?

We’ve talked a lot this year about creating materials with the homeschool market in mind, so it’s important that we know whom that market represents. If we’re going to visualize our ideal reader, there are some things we need to understand. One of the common misconceptions about homeschooling is that it’s done only on the […]

What Does It Mean to Write for the Homeschool Market

Christmas in July: Planning Seasonal Products Early

It’s July 1st. I’m having trouble getting my head wrapped around that. It means half the year has passed. It means all those things I committed to doing in July (when it was still months away) are suddenly due now. And it means the Christmas holiday will be here before we blink. I know—you’re probably […]

Puzzling Over Puzzles: How to Write Puzzles for Kids

One of my favorite things to create is puzzles! If you enjoy creating history and language arts resources like I do, the types of puzzles you have at your disposal to make learning enjoyable are virtually endless. Here are just a few types I’ve enjoyed making over the years: Word searches and crossword puzzles. Don’t […]