Creating Images for Your Author’s Platform

Join me below as I take you through the motions of creating both on Canva.

Designing a Canva Image

The Heart Changer by Jarm Del Boccio

Have you been intrigued with Canva but found it intimidating? Well, now is your chance to explore it. All you need is a free Canva account and a bit of patience and time. You will find it fun and inspiring - I guarantee it! Take a listen to my tutorial below and see what you…

Using Instagram as an Author’s Platform, Part 2

Instagram for Writers: Part 2

How do you develop your Instagram presence and draw followers? Today I will share more tips about using your bio, images and hashtags to their best advantage.

Using Instagram as an Author’s Platform by Jarm Del Boccio

Instagram for Writers by Jarm Del Boccio

Social media can be intimidating, especially for a new or pre-published author. There are so many options — so how do we choose?

6 Social Media Tips That Make a Difference

Authors are constantly striving to grow their platform. If you’re on social media, you’re working to increase followers. But if you have hundreds or even thousands of followers, what’s the point if they don’t stop to read your posts? The real goal is active interaction. Are your followers interested in what you have to say?…

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