Introducing Candice Yamnitz, YA Fantasy Author

Candice Yamitz has a YA fantasy novel “Unbetrothed” debuting with Illuminate YA an imprint of Iron Stream Media, in February 2022.

The More I Learn, the More I Know I Need to Learn

 A common phrase I have heard my writing mentors say is, “Learn the craft.” Often times when people give advice, they forget to tell you how it is done. My writing mentor, Carol  Baldwin has poured time and energy into my writing life. She has sent ideas, websites, and encouraging words. She has suggested reading novels in my genre to…

A Word of the Year for Writers

Choose a word for your writer's journey in 2021

Have you chosen a word for 2021? A word to guide you into this new year?

Give Thanks for this Writing Season!

  While you’re accumulating your list of blessings to share around the Thanksgiving table, don’t forget to include these features that make up your writing journey. You can find many reasons to be thankful for it this season. Be thankful for… A never-ending amount of writing resources. No matter what part of the process you’re…

10 Reflections from a New Author by Leah Jordan Meahl

  This past year has been a special one for the books (pun intended) because I published my first book! As you know, the process is anything but quick, but you can bet that the experience has been rich with lessons that will carry on into my future projects. My brief takeaways might just work…

Find Your Writing Voice Through Guide Poets by Karley Conklin

Finding Your Writing Voice

“Imitation is not just the sincerest form of flattery - it's the sincerest form of learning.” ― George Bernard Shaw As writers, we tend to strive for originality. We don't want our work to be a copy of someone else's; we want to write words that are unique. But what if I was to tell…

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