Bring a Friend to Write to Ignite

In honor of National Best Friends Day, June 8th, Write2Ignite is offering a “Bring a Friend” discount on registration fees during the month of June. When you and a friend register for the conference, you will each get a $10.00 discount off the current registration rate of $124.00.

To secure the discount, each person must enter their friend’s name in the “How did you find out about us?” blank on the registration form. Also, tell us how you found out about us in the same space on the form.

If one of the friends has to cancel their registration, the ticket will be refunded to make the purchase price match the individual ticket price at the time of purchase. (Example: The ticket purchased at $114 will only be refunded in the amount of $104 to make the other friend’s ticket equal the $124 purchase price now in effect.)

Bring a Friend and we’ll see you both in September!

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