Books in the Playroom and Everywhere Else! by Guest Blogger, Melissa Henderson

Are there separate areas or shelves in your home for books? Is there a “no touch” zone or are all items to read available for everyone? Perhaps there are softcover and hardcover books in the playroom or home office. Children and adults can enjoy reading in different places.

Finding the Books

Recently, our five years old grandson Rowan was talking with me about the stories he enjoys. From pages filled with colorful illustrations and words that bring laughter, to books about sharks, to Bible verses, he is learning that every page is special. Visits to the local library and the school library offer great opportunities to share the love of reading.

“Mimi, I have lots of bookshelves in my house. Two are downstairs and one is in my room. Eden has a place for books in her room, too.”

(Two books that Melissa’s grandkids are sure to find on her shelves!)

As I listened to him explain the places where books can be found in his house, I considered where reading material is found in my house. Walking through each room, I saw a variety of things to read. Magazines, Bibles, non-fiction, fiction, children’s stories, and more are in almost every room. 

Then, I noticed where each item is located. The coffee table has devotionals and stories for children. In one section of the room, a wooden holder handcrafted by my Daddy holds more items available for reading. 

In the bedrooms, antique bookcases are filled to the brim with books. There is even a basket in the bathroom that holds current issues of favorite magazines.

The kitchen has an area of cookbooks. A drawer holds instructions, pamphlets, and manuals. On top of my computer desk, there are notebooks with ideas for stories.

Other Places to Read

A trip to the grocery store reminded me of other places where children and adults can find joy in reading. The back seat of the car is sometimes covered with library books or paper for children to write new thoughts while riding to a destination.

For a time, medical offices had emptied the lobby of everything except chairs and a table or two. Now, items for all ages to read are placed back in the waiting room.

Some restaurants offer books as a prize when a kid’s meal is purchased.

From beaches to libraries, from grocery stores to medical offices, from room to room in a house, from the front yard to the back yard, books can be a wonderful source of learning and joy for every person.

Have you watched a child read to a doll or stuffed animal? Our two-year-old granddaughter holds a book and points to the drawings as she reads to her “stuffies” or her favorite baby doll. 

I smile when I see Rowan and Eden reading my books for children. Whether they sit on the couch or the floor, reading “Licky the Lizard” or “Grumpy the Gator”  brings laughter.

Grandson Rowan and I have created books with paper and ribbon to tie the pages together. After writing the words, we read to each other. Precious times.

I had not realized how many bookshelves and areas for books are located throughout the house and other places. With a smile, I thanked God for the blessing of authors and readers. I will keep adding to the collection of reading materials.

Happy Reading,
Melissa Henderson

Award-winning author Melissa Henderson writes inspirational messages sometimes laced with a bit of humor. With stories online and in print publications, Melissa hopes to encourage readers. Melissa is the author of “Licky the Lizard” and “Grumpy the Gator”. Her passions are helping in the community and church. Melissa is an Elder, Deacon, and Stephen Minister. You can find Melissa on and

12 thoughts on “Books in the Playroom and Everywhere Else! by Guest Blogger, Melissa Henderson

  1. When you mentioned a place to read as the back seat of a car when traveling (I liked your idea, but…) I suddenly pictured a car with a mom and kids snuggled in the back seat of a parked car, with comfy blankets and the mom reading a story. Strange, but cool too!

  2. I love this! My house is also a “book nook.” I love creating cozy spaces to read, but I also have always been the kind of person to make reading spaces wherever “feels right” out in public. I used to walk down the halls at school reading, or find a quiet corner in the sun and read in the driver’s seat on my lunch break at my first job post-college. I’m finding my kids do the same today!

  3. I love your heart in the message. Books should everywhere so kids learn to love them as much as we do. I’ve even donated my children’s books to my dentist office do they reading material. Thank you for sharing Melissa

  4. As you described all the places to read, I saw my home. My husband thinks it’s messy but others, especially children find it inviting them to pick up a book and read.

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